**** Bibi's Indian Cookery Classes are proud winners of the 'Cambridge Sustainable Foods' BRONZE Business Standard Award****

Authentic 1 to 1 Indian cookery lessons in the Cambs area . We will teach you how to cook delicious indian food completely from scratch using traditional methods.

PERSONALISED & BESPOKE - To provide a more personal experience our lessons are private, so the only people present at your lesson will be you and any friends/family you are cooking with present. We will also consult with you about the kinds of dishes you would like to learn and design the menu accordingly.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten Free? we can accomodate all types of diet on all lessons.

Please note spice levels can also be tailored to your taste,- a korma doesn't have to be mild, and a dansak doesn't have to be hot! These are just restaurant guides for their customers, there is no 'set in stone' level of heat a dish must have!

AFFORDABLE - There is an initial fee for the first participant, but friends/spouse etc can join you for a small extra fee. So when the total fee is shared between participants we are quite possibly the most affordable cookery classes in the region, And we will to your home so yoou can take the class in your own kitchen (distance permitting)
We usually require you to supply most of the main ingredients, but this means you will be left with a huge feast , and your ingredients will rarely cost you more than £15

FLEXIBLE - We don't have set times and dates for lessons, because you will be the only course participants we will arrange the lesson according to your (and ours!) diary . Need to postpone your lesson? no problem, just try and let us know asap.

Please enquire with your postcode, on occasion it might be possible for you to come to our residentail Ely kitchen, but generally we will travel to you (distance permitting).

ONLINE - We also now run 1 to 1 Cooking Coaching via Zoom! These work in a similar way; we will arrange a suitable date/time for you, then discuss the dishes you'd like, then i will send you your ingredient list. On the day you will login via the zoom link sent to you and I will talk you through as you cook. (Your friends/family can join in free!). All in person lessons can be changed to online if you prefer.

Our lesson *gift vouchers make ideal gifts for birthdays or other occasions. The voucher receiver can then contact us to arrange a suitable date/ time for their lesson and discuss dishes. We are very flexible on dates and times, subject to diary availability.

Eco-friendly Business Pledge- - As holder of the Cambridge Sustainable Foods' BRONZE Business Standard Award ,as well as promoting sustainable food through our classes, we endeavour to use locally sourced ingredients and our catering is delivered plastic-free . Hot food is delivered in large cooking pots, which we will collect the next day. Disposable items for cold buffets are kept to an absolute minimum, but where used are of compostible material. Cookery Class students are asked to bring glass or other non plastic dishes for transporting their food home (and it will taste all the better from not being transported in sweaty plastic too!). We have also removed red meat from our catering menus. Our cookery classes also do not use red meat.
We also educate our learners on food waste and what can be done with any leftover ingredients or food to reduce waste.

Please get in touch via the online form with your enquiry, and we will get back to you asap. (please note we are usually in lessons so are unavailable to take phone calls)
Terms and conditions.
Please note vouchers are to be used within 1 year , we can extend your voucher if you get in touch, but unfortunately cannot offer refunds, however you are welcome to pass on the booking/ voucher to a friend or family member to take you place.



Beginners / advanced Indian Cookery

2.5 hours

A bespoke 1 to 1 Authentic Indian Cookery class. Learn the secrets to cooking all your favorite Indian dishes in this hands on personalised class.
Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, or have specific dishes in mind you'd like to learn, we can tailor your lesson accordingly.

Have a friend join you in your lesson for just £20!

All spices are provided free, you will only need to provide your main ingredients (approx cost = £15). Expect to cook up a feast to feed 4!

We are happy to discuss any specific requests you have for your lesson, but a sample menu for this lesson = A main chicken curry of your choice, + a veg dish (eg. Sag Aloo) OR lentil dahl , + a bread (Naan/ chappatties) , OR a whole spice pilau rice.

Our Gift Vouchers for these classes (*valid for 1 year) are a popular choice for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. The voucher receiver can then contact us at their convenience to arrange a suitable date and menu plan for their lesson.

Date : if you let us know of your availability in good time we will do our best to arrange your lesson at a time and date most convenient to you.

We cover the general Cambridge/ Ely area, if you live further out please let us have your postcode so we can check we are able to travel to you . (It may be possible that you can take your lesson in our kitchen in Ely but this cannot always be guaranteed)



Authentic Indian Cookery Party

3 hours

An informal hands on half day interactive cookery class with your friends in your own kitchen! *
You will cook lots of delicious food for you all to enjoy together afterwards !

Prepare to cook up a feast >>
Menu = Your choice of any type of chicken, veg or fish curry, + Veg OR lentil dish,+ traditional Pakora bhajis & dip, + Whole Spice Pilau Rice, Tava Naan Bread + a 'Cachumber' .
Once the dishes are all prepared you are left alone to enjoy your dinner party with your friends !

Price includes all required spices, groups of around 6 are recommended.
If you would like a class with more than 6 people please add on £20 per person to the class fee

*Please advise us of your location so we can check we can travel to your home

GIFT VOUCHERS available. Our vouchers are very popular as birthday and Xmas gifts. Please contact us to purchase



Samosa making Masterclass All Ingredients included

2.5 hours

Ever wanted to learn the art of making authentic Indian Samosas and dips from scratch? Then this hands on class is for you. You will be taken through the techniques of making of the pastry, the filing, rolling out and assembling, and the frying. You will learn to make the traditional potato and pea samosas, but it is very easy to then adapt the recipe to other ingredients, eg. meat or other veg versions.
You will also make 2 dips -tomato mint & onion chutney dip, and a coriander yoghurt chutney dip.

-All Ingredients provided free., and by the end you will have a bag full of samosas to take away with you
-VEGAN Samosa Workshop available.

>>Special Offer>> This is a private class for 1 person but feel free to have a friend join you FREE.

We cover the general cambridge/ Ely area, but if you live further out please send us your postcode to check if we can get to you



Pakora + dip + Tarka Dahl + Chappatties

3 hours

Pakora are a delicious deep fried chickpea flour based fritter that are a popular street food all over India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
In this lesson you will learn to make pakora (also known as bhajis) , plus a yoghurt chutney dip, + Chappatties, + an authentic red lentil Dahl Makhani .

The meal will serve at least 4 people .

All spices provided (You will only need to provide the main ingredients, which will come to approx £10-£15 )

*** Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly class (just let us which you would prefer)

>>Special Offer>> This is a class for 2 people
We cover the general cambridge/ Ely area, but if you live further out please send us your postcode to check if we can get to you.



Ayurvedic Cookery

3 hours

Learn to cook traditional health promoting Ayurvedic dishes, like kitchari, chappatties, and vegetables dishes , to help balance your 'Dosha',
Ayurvedic food is cooked simply but with awareness of the qualities of the ingredients and spices and their combined effect on the body. It is nutritious wholesome vegetarian food .

We will send you a 'dosha quiz' before the lesson. Your dosha ('constitutional type') will signal the types of food and cooking methods that are right for you to maintain optimum health, according to Ayurvedic principles).

Please see the following link for more info on ayurveda -

(Spices included free on all classes).



Indian VEGAN Cookery Class

2.5 hours

-Vegan version of the Beginners/Advanced Indian Cookery (see this tab for details)
-Gluten Free class also available.
-If you have any other allergies or ingredients you wish to omit just let us know



Kids Cookery Party - All ingredients included

2 hours

Children love to cook, and they are far more adventurous than the usual cupcakes and cookies given the chance !
At our Kids Indian Cookery parties, children will participate in cooking a meal for themselves and their friends, and learn a little about different spices too.
Not all indian spices are hot, in fact, from hundreds of spices the only actually hot ones are chilli powder / flakes. There are many more flavours to explore apart form the fiery hot ones !
Your children will learn to cook a specially adapted sweet mango chutney chicken curry recipe with home made naan bread. We are yet to meet a child who doesn't enjoy a naan bread smothered in garlic butter they have made with their own hands! Served with a cucumber & fresh lime salsa .

Please enquire with your requirements , Number of children, location, etc. And let us know your location so we can check if we can travel to you .



3 week Indian cookery course in your own home

2.75 hours

3 lessons, taking you through the basics of indian cookery, giving you the skills to produce a good variety of dishes, from curries, breads, rice and starters. Arranged at a time and date to suit you.

These courses take place in your own kitchen so please contact us with your address to check if we are cover your area. ( Generally the Cambridge/Ely region)

The course fee covers up to 2 people

(Spices and a few other ingredients included free on all courses, but you need to provide the main ingredients)



All About Dahl (Vegetarian or Vegan)

3 hours

Introduction to Dahls -
- In indian cooking there are literally hundreds of different types of lentils and beans, known as 'Dahl' , endless varieties, and varieties within varieties- eg; split mung, skinned split mung, whole mung.... All which need careful preparation to make them delicious and digestible. Cooked well dahl makes a very flavorsome delicious healthy meal.
Keep it vegetarian, or make it vegan, up to you.

In this lesson you will cook 3 types of dahl dishes and a fluffy Whole spice Pilau Rice

*Special Offer - -bring a long a friend to join you for only an additional £10 fee.



Indian Breads (all Ingredients included) (2 people)

2.5 hours

This class for 2 (or take on own if you like) will focus on popular indian breads - Chappatties, Tava Naan bread/ Bhaturra, & Butter Paratha.
There is more to making a lovely fluffy naan or a soft chewy chappatti than meets the eye, and Indian bread making is a skill that will develop with practice and time, but this class will give you the hands on skills and know-how to see you off to a great start.

All ingredients included.

-Please let us know your location so we can check we can travel to you .

We cover the general cambridge/ Ely area, but if you live further out please send us your postcode to check if we can get to you. (or it may be possible you can come to our kitchen in Ely, subject to date)



Gift Vouchers available for all lessons, valid for 1 year.

The voucher receiver can contact us at their convenience to arrange a convenient date and menu with us.
We can email over an 'e-voucher' upon payment- Perfect for last minute gifts!

Please Message us via the online form or EMAIL to book or enquire.

See our social media for reviews from happy foodies!



Bespoke - Special diet course - x 2 lessons

3 hours

These 2 classes will be designed especially for you after consultation with you on the foods you can eat and like.
These classes are perfect for those who have to follow special diets omitting many of the ingredients commonly found in dishes.
Eg; a lot of people can no longer eat bread and other wheat based goods. Our easy to make wheat free chick pea flour based flat breads and wraps are a quick and easy solution. You wil learn 3 dishes per class.

Gift vouchers available
**special offer **- Bring a long a friend to join you FREE


Other classes - Cooking on a Budget Classes/ Mediteranean. etc

As well as our indian classes we also run other types of cookery classes around Cambridge..
Please see our 'Learn to Cook Cambridge' website for further info -



Zoom Online Cookery Coaching (2 friends join in free!)

2 hours

Learn to cook anywhere in the world with 1 to 1 personalised cookery coaching!
These lessons take place online via 'Zoom' (Or Facebook Messenger Video if preferred), and you are welcome to include some of your family/friends in your lesson at no extra charge.
Similarly to the face to face lessons we will discuss which dishes you'd like to learn, and then you will be sent a list of your ingredients. Then just log into Zoom via the link we send you and you will be coached through the cooking of your dishes

Lessons are 2 hours long. and are adequate time for learning to cook 1 curry + pilau rice or Naan.

Bookings of a block of 3 lessons will receive a 15% discount .

As always we are very flexible on dates/ times for your lesson. Just get in touch worth your availability.

~ ~ Cookery Coach GIFT VOUCHERS make an excellent gift! Voucher will be emailed over to you on same or next working day ~~


Corporate - Team Building Cookery Masterclass

3 hours

A hands on team building cookery workshop where your team will work together to cook an authentic indian meal.
The night will end with a sit down meal of your wonderful dishes (or day time workshop if preferred).
A great fun and interactive alternative to the team xmas meal tradition, or indeed for any team building activity throughout the year.
All ingredients are provided.
We work with the fabulous 'Cambridge Food Tours- Food & Drink Events' to put on these events.
All ingredients included.

Please try and get in touch well in advance to book




Catering Buffet Menu

Authentic indian / Pakistani home style cooking, using traditional techniques & FRESH ingredients

-Vegetarian or Vegan alternatives available for all dishes.
-Minimum order = x 12 persons, Maximum = x 30 persons
- All hot food is delivered hot locally in large cooking pots, or can be collected from us in Ely

Buffet Menu 1 =
-Chicken (or Veg) Curry - choose a creamy coconut, to Bhuna (please specify heat level)
- Lemon Tarka Dahl
- Cumin Pilau rice
- Tava Naan bread quarters
- Cucumber yoghurt raita
- Chopped indian style salad with coriander

Buffet Menu 2 =
-Chicken Curry - choose from Ceylon, Korma, Rogan, or Punjabi Bhuna
- Tarka Dahl Makhani
- Whole spice Pilau rice
- Bhaturra Naan bread quarters
- Pakora (onion bhajis) + Green coriander & mint chutney
- chopped indian style 'cachumber' salad with fresh coriander

Buffet Menu 3 =
-Chicken Curry - choose from Ceylon, Korma, Rogan, Tikka or Punjabi Bhuna,( please specify your heat level)
- Chickpea Dahl Makhani with fresh lime, butter, coriander, & indian pickle
- Cardamom/ Cumin Pilau rice cooked with ghee.
- Bhaturra Naan bread (A type of fried naan)
- Pakora (onion & veg bhajis) + coriander & mint yoghurt + Chilli tomato dips.
- chopped indian style fresh salsa salad
- Chickpea Chaat (cold dish)
- Cucumber & Dill yoghurt raita
- Iced Cardamom cake squares

*****Food Standards Rating - East Cambs council have awarded us a 5 star food hygiene rating *****

Please note prices depend on numbers, please contact us.


Retreat Chef

We have 8 years experience catering for yoga / holistic retreats, some attended by international teachers and Indian Swamis.
We offer a flexible service with your choice of cuisine, and can tailor menus specifically.
Whether it is Vegan, Vegetarian, Yogic/ Ayurvedic/ Satvic,, Mediteranean, British ,or Indian cuisine , if you let us know what you require we can get a quote to you.
It is advisable to enquire well ahead of your retreat date so you are not disapointed.